The beginning of a new adventure. A bird has appeared in the last 5 minutes. I wonder where it will fly to next?
Well it's the next evening and this happened...
It's slow progress but I have been having quite an arty day with modelling so perhaps things will speed up at the weekend!
I'm enjoying the sand colours. 
The name Horus appeared to me from the ether and I am happy to work with this archetype so that what he is called now. He's my own intuitive version of course but it's the energy and understanding behind it that counts.
Horus represents protection (eye of Horus).
Google sources say he is the god of sky and kingship. 
Today's efforts have proved better than expected. It is becoming quite hawklike, also about the eyes and paying attention!!! #themes
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Managed to squeeze another quick layer in before teatime!!
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More on the way soon!
At last. Horus bird of power is now done. Fini.
Thank you very much for joining me.
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More on the way soon.
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